Finance Manager

Published on 02/08/2022

Finans ve Muhasebe

İzmir, TR-35

Job Description:

Wyser is the international company within Gi Group Holding in charge of searching for and selecting specialized middle and senior management.

We are looking for a "Finance Manager" for our business partner.

Location: İzmir

General Qualifications:

  • Accounting/Finance experience in a managerial role for 5 years or above is preferred,
  • A good level of English is a must,
  • Bachelor's degree in finance, economics, or relevant area,

Job Description:

  • Set up Finance Policy, procedures, and programs, implement and manage all related activities accordingly,
  • Perform and follow all financial transactions (daily & weekly) and prepare cash flow plans and projections,
  • Ensure the preparation of the budget planning application throughout the company by the strategies, consolidating the budgets coming from the departments and submitting them to the upper management
  • Ensure the preparation and consolidation of company budgets, transfer them to the budget program,
  • Follow up and report the department-based realizations of the company budget,
  • Ensure implementation and update of the short, medium, and long term cash flow plan in line with company strategies and prepare cash flow realization reports,
  • Proactively carry out activities that will prevent the company from falling into a cash deficit in its investments and expenditures,
  • Control and approve the checks going to the bank on the system,
  • Control the accounting records of financial transactions,
  • Ensure that the records of the valuable documents (collateral letters, checks, promissory notes, etc.) are received, delivered to the bank or to the safe to be kept,
  • Control foreign exchange transactions,
  • Make the financial planning of the company and ensure the effective and efficient management of the company's assets,
  • Ensure and support coordination between the departments in the audit processes carried out within the scope of independent audit, internal audit, etc. Manage the relations with the competent authority and the CPA firm,
  • Ensure that changes in all relevant legislation are communicated to the relevant managers,
  • After completing all the transactions for the relevant month, check the accounts in the trial balance and correct the erroneous transactions,
  • Support external/internal audit processes,
  • Coordinate all types of payments (banking operations, checks, other transactions, etc.),
  • Ensure application of the Group's financial policies,
  • Manage and maintain a relationship with all commercial banks and financial institutions,
  • Manage personnel attendance management, staff training, and performance evaluation,
  • Develop and give suggestions for continuous improvement of the process for which s/he is responsible, increasing efficiency and reducing costs,
  • Report the problems that occur in the process for which s/he is responsible, to her/his department manager,
  • Ensure the creation, execution, and improvement of all processes required by the Corporate Management System of its subordinate section,
  • Report the performance of the section’s activities to the department manager. Preparing periodical and/or quarterly activity reports,
  • Directing and coordinating the personnel under him/her.

Industrial sector

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Bercan Cacan, is our consultant who manages this job opportunity.

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