Published 2 February 2021 - in General


How Turkish companies can benefit from ICT and survive the crisis

If Turkish companies want to benefit from ICT’s growth, they must be ready under many points of view. First off, talent acquisition and retention.

In this special year, experts agree that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the industries that have grown faster and will continue to grow in the next months.

We have experienced this trend in Turkey, too – comments Berat Demirel, Senior Director – Wyser – This is not surprising, since 98,7% of local population own a smartphone, confirming that this Country is fertile ground for ICT. In fact, this market was worth $22 billion mark in 2019, with 143.000 new jobs created and 2.000 companies active in the sector. According to the Informatics Industry Association (TUBISAD), ICT is scoring a growth rate of 14%, despite negative effects on the economy due to Covid-19”. 


Chart 1: ICT overview in Turkey


Indeed, it seems that Covid-19 has pushed ICT even further. Just think of the increase of smart working and eCommerce. ICT has grown by 18,4% globally and by 17% in Turkey for 2020. However, we can’t assume that this growth can’t be jeopardized. Lower investment and demand, shrinking managerial functions, digital production, automation and so on, could be harmful for IT.

For this reason, we believe that it is fundamental for Turkish companies to be on the cutting edge of the IT sector. And the best way to do this, is to enhance the organization with needed skills and the best professionals the market can offer, like IT Managers, Network&Security Engineers, SAP Consultants. As well as other figures, like data scientists, project managers, software developers and business analysts” continues Pelin Dinc, Technology Division Manager – Wyser.

But attracting IT managers is not enough: a company must be able to retain them, too. The average turnover of IT professionals is about 2 years in Turkey. Such a high turnover is due to the very high hiring demand in ICT, especially in urban areas. Since there are not enough managers to fulfil the demand, they hold a very high bargaining power allowing them to pick the best conditions. Based on our experience, here are the benefits that IT managers appreciate the most (Chart 2):


  • An appropriate salary
  • Availability of new generation technologies
  • Training: IT employees consider continuous learning very important
  • Location and smart working: IT professionals consider attractive to work in 
  • urban area like Istanbul and/or 100% remotely


Chart 2: How to retain IT talented managers

“We assist companies and candidates also after the hiring – concludes Pelin Dinc – Wyser – Indeed, in IT industry, turnover and employee retention are great challenges for the companies we partner with. We should consider that IT professionals are used to working in smart and flexible conditions, often coming from freelance experiences. Moreover, caring for people is nowadays considered a fundamental organizational value. Negotiating remuneration is no longer enough to guarantee retention and satisfaction (and therefore productivity) of an employee. There are many other aspects that companies must take into consideration and enhance, also with the help from expert HR consultants”.